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How To Get Over Him?

The more we try to forget someone who we still love, the more we torture ourselves, the more we think about them. Don't try to force things, face it and accept it.
Most people advice to delete and block our ex on Facebook and other social media, and you can do that, but I know that won't stop you for stalking them, you will probably make a fake profile just to spy on them and torture yourself. Then what is a point...
Here is what worked best for me
TAKE YOUR TIME TO GRIEVE BUT NOT TO LONG One, two days or a week...:) Cry, watch sad movies, write...That helped me. Don't keep your feelings inside you.

DO NOT RUNAWAY I still love that guy, but there is nothing I can do. Just think how many times someone wanted to be with you but you did not...How many guys you rejected. Were you aware that you are hurting their feelings...Were you thinking about them? You might but you did not care much, and you continued your life...We can't choose who we love, we cannot blame someone for…