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Ready for a New Life

Soon, at the end of July, I will be 28th years old. Astrologically this is a time when we actually mature, the time when Saturn the planet of discipline, obstacles, hard work, and karma returns to our natal position. But more on that in astrological section.

I just want to write what is going on in my life...As a lot of things happened from the beginning of 2018. 

I already wrote some things but not all...

2017 ended horribly, I was living in a foreign country, lost my job and person I fell in love with disappointed me badly. I felt played out. I could not even say to my family. When I tried to tell them that I am thinking to return, for them it was an embarrassment, failure, they tried to convince me to stay...If they knew what I was going through, can not blame them, I could not tell them that I do not have a job. 

Anyhow...I found another job in January 2018, the same type of job, just different location in the country. Like the destiny was holding me there. I was trying to find a job …