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Embrace the storms in your life

Time is passing, my life looks quite different then I wanted it. I am not doing my dream job, I have a very complicated relationship and family crisis.
Sometimes I feel I am screaming inside. And my energy level is very low. Sleeping even during the day only to escape reality. I caught myself thinking about the future to often.
A good thing is that I realized in what condition I am. I know that I have to make a change. There are situations that we can't avoid, events that we don't have control over it.
Still even those times we can embrace by not worrying to much. I know...Easy to say...But what I am gonna try is to force my mind to do something else, to think about something productive, to create something new.
I will take a new online course, practice Spanish, even though about starting working online. So let's try to dance in the rain.

My escape Blazing campfire under the stars with a cup of coffee