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Top 10 Disadvantages of Living in a Eastern Tropical Country

Just an idea of living in a tropical country sounds marvelous. Most probably the first thing that you thought about is crystal clear water, beautiful beach and drinking of coconuts under the palm tree, or maybe amazing wildlife and adventures in the jungle.
Although tropical countries are beautiful destination for holiday, where for a short period of time we can tolerate all downsides, however if you decide to settle here you will have to get used to it, and you must be a nature lover otherwise life for you will not be pleasant in this kind of destinations, which most of them are developing countries with a high level of poverty.
Here are some of the downsides of living in a tropical country;

1. Spicy food and rice
As climate is suitable for this kind of crops, people in tropical countries love spices and their mild lever is our HOT HOT level. Most of their meals are prepared with rice and lots of spices, If you find yourself in cities you can find alternatives but when you are trave…

Be Someone Who Makes You Happy

This morning I woke up with tears, last night I fell asleep crying. Maybe I slept only a few hours. Barely even ate yesterday. I feel like having a big stone lying on my chest, suffocating me.

And I am in foreign lands, in an isolated place, alone and I came because of him. It happened that 101 times he did what he wanted, gave me false promises, failed to keep it.

Without thinking he disconnected his phone, did not put credit on mine purposely so that I can not call him. First, you would think he is cheating on me but no, I know it is not a case. When he gets angry he disappears and comes back. I can not tolerate this. Went too far, and I let this last up to now. I am too old for children's games. How a person who loves you can make you cry and do not care about you spending nights and days alone, knowing you do not have anyone around. Above all, I have severe pain in the stomach and only one painkiller left. I can not buy as I have no way of getting to the town without him. It …