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Afternoon and Evening Routine

As I already published my morning routine now is time for the afternoon and evening one. I found a routine that works perfectly for me. This is for the days when I am at home and this routine helps me to stay productive. As I am going through a difficult period in my life, I am trying in all ways to make myself feel better. Like I mentioned in my morning routine many times my days look different. However, I am learning more and more about myself and I do have many goals so that keeps me motivated. 
I mentioned that I take a snack around 11.30 so I do not eat lunch early. 

12.20 - 3 PM Working at home
3PM -4.30PM I have lunch at 3pm and  I am usually watching my visual board a bit or my journal to get a push then I take a 20 minutes power nap. This really helps me to rejuvenate and bring my energy to a higher level. After my evening nap, I am enjoying my coffee and reading or watching something motivational. I groom myself a bit
16.30-6PM I am learning a new language or course 
After …

Morning Routine for Productive Day

This is my morning routine that makes me feel good and more productive.

Of course, there are days when all I want to do is to cry and can not concentrate on anything. In those moments I am listening to my feelings and have a totally different routine. I am not forcing myself, usually, I am writing a journal, watching my favorite show on youtube or some funny videos or just sad movies and I am letting it all out, depends on my mood...Another thing that helps me on those days is to watch again youtube videos related to my problem and listen to the experience of other people and how they deal with the same. Then when I notice that my mood changes for better I am reading some success, personal development books, business and money, motivational books. These are my examples. Anything that reminds me and gives me back that enthusiasm to reach my goals. For people who deal with depression and anxiety or any mental illness or they are going through a difficult period in life this can give th…