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Time To Say Goodbye

I came to my hometown. I struggled a lot to do it. Tried and tried, tolerated all kind of physical and psychological violence, hate and disrespect. I feel I am floating between the earth and the sky. What will I do...From where to start. What next...I have to start building something new from the ruins of my life.

The only thing I truly know is whatever is happening it is for my own good. Maybe I can't see that from the pain of losing and letting go of the things, but deep inside I do feel this has some reason. Even in my dreams, I felt this is the step I have to take, everything will be fine. Sometimes letting go hurts less than hold on. Through pain, we grow.

I believe in life, the hardest lesson we learn is to accept a new life plan, we think that what we thought was right for us. Pain is inevitable for all of us but suffering is optional.

So what I will do...well first I will try to rest and fill myself with hope. Despite all problems and troubles, I am trying to accept and d…

If Someone Hates You


I am enjoying my life with people I love, what else to feel about haters then sorry, prey and wish them to find happiness in their own life

How To Control Jealousy?

Jealousy is a normal reaction. It becomes problematic when it becomes persistent. When you find yourself feeling jealous, recognize what’s happening and delve deeper into your relationships and yourself. 
1. Assess relationships and yourself
The best way to overcome jealousy is to first take a look at your romantic relationship, For instance, consider if your relationship is built on trust, respect, and love and if your partner’s behavior reflects their words. 
Are they honest with you? If they’re not, naturally, this can trigger or perpetuate your insecurities.
If you are in an insecure relationship, expect to have your jealousy buttons pushed. But no one can tell you what to do. If you stay, most likely you’ll feel bad and jealous sometimes.
If you’re in a secure and solid relationship, and you’re still feeling jealous, look at yourself and explore your own experiences.
- Do you have a pervasive feeling of emptiness or lack of self-worth? -  How was your relationship with your early caregi…

How To Deal With Bullies?

Dear God, I am hopeless, this feeling of touching the bottom, being alone and dealing with violent and bad people. I am screaming inside. Desperately need help to move on. I know there are many people out there who feel the same way.
A few months more and my plan is to be home, waking up in my cozy bed and having coffee with my mother. How I miss that. Hugging all those people who love me.
But how will I survive until then? There are no excuses anymore. No matter how much I am trying to be good with those people, nothing helps. I was bullied and treated so badly by many people here. I know tears won't help me, but I can't stop them. I don't wish anyone anything bad but can't stop wondering why jealousy and envy control some people. Lies, making plans to harm others. How they can be happy when they are constantly thinking about me and my life? 
If I can help them to make their lives perfect and forget about me, I would. I swear I would. I know those kind of people are …

What Men Want

There is a saying that men are from Mars and women from Venus. It is not without a reason. Here are some tips on how to better understand your man and what they want and how to be a better partner.
I truly believe that every person should first know how to be happy on their own, what are their goals before entering into a relationship.

1. Do not be a Drama queen
Yeah, we can talk and talk without stopping, repeating the same thing thousands of times. Man hate this long and unnecessary talks. Be short and make your point in a calm way. Do not yell. In that way, you are showing how much control you have. Even if you are angry, learn how to not let others see that you are losing control. Do not give anyone that kind of power over you.
2. Self-confidence
This is the most important thing. If you know who you are, and your worth then other people will respect you too. If you are satisfied with yourself then you can make others happy as well.
3. Have goals and hobbies and give him space to do …

Be Someone Who Makes You Happy

This morning I woke up with tears, last night I fell asleep crying. Maybe I slept only a few hours. Barely even ate yesterday. I feel like having a big stone lying on my chest, suffocating me.

And I am in foreign lands, in an isolated place, alone and I came because of him. It happened that 101 times he did what he wanted, gave me false promises, failed to keep it.

Without thinking he disconnected his phone, did not put credit on mine purposely so that I can not call him. First, you would think he is cheating on me but no, I know it is not a case. When he gets angry he disappears and comes back. I can not tolerate this. Went too far, and I let this last up to now. I am too old for children's games. How a person who loves you can make you cry and do not care about you spending nights and days alone, knowing you do not have anyone around. Above all, I have severe pain in the stomach and only one painkiller left. I can not buy as I have no way of getting to the town without him. It …

Manipulative Reationship

Did you ever tried all, changed yourself to the point you can not recognize who you are anymore?
Well, I did, luckily I realized. I changed my life for him, moved to another country, but I should have never forgotten myself and my dreams.

He was lovely and caring at the beginning, full of support. So I started loving him.

Soon I noticed his obsessive jealousy and aggressive behavior. I was looking always for a reason to justify his actions. As this is my first serious relationship I wanted it to work. I had boyfriends that hurt me, that did not want to commit. I did not want another failure. I hoped I will be happy, so I tried hard. I tried to convince myself that for a good relationship you need to work hard. True, but both sides should.

You can not change a person's personality, sometimes he can change colors but core stays the same. I feel tired of explaining myself, of running here and there for him when all he does is making me upset. I can not hold to happy old days when h…

What I am missing most

We all get discouraged sometimes. From my childhood, my grandpa was my strength. Growing up without a father he was a role model to me. The most positive person I knew. He died 3 years back. My mother supported me whole life, but even when she used to lose hope, I was trying to lift her up.
From my aunt, relatives, neighbors all my life I heard them saying, that I will never win school competition, that I can't go to University because poor people don't go. That I am average and nothing special. Still, I had hope and I fought for my dreams. I had won on that biology competition, I finished University with full government scholarship.
Even my friends used to say that they like how positive I am and how I get what I want. But behind that, there was a faith, my grandpa and my mother, my strength, and a lot of hard work through tears.

I liked one boy and in a casual talk, he told me how I don't have a stable job in my years. I was doing an internship to gain experience at tha…

Be Financially Independent

Independence is something I was always aiming for, although there was a time when I did not have many choices. Like after my University, I had a hard time finding a job, so I lived with my mother, aunt, and grandma, they were patient one months, then they started telling me that the food I am eating is not free. It was like I was not trying hard enough to get a job. I know I am grown enough so I have to take responsibility. I was not avoiding that.
Then once I did not have money to repair my laptop so my boyfriend jumped in and told me he will pay for it. It was a nice gesture as I really needed for the work so I had accepted. But then one day we had a fight over the phone, I told him that I shut down my laptop and I am already in my bed as it is very late, I said I will call him tomorrow. Then he yelled at me and said: " Why the fuck you cannot turn on, I gave money for repair, now you can not talk with me on skype". It was like someone has stubbed a knife in my heart.
I fel…

How to Defeat Your Enemies?

Not long ago I experienced how it feels when someone is hating you when they are jealous of you and want to destroy you by planning things against you. Personally, I do not like fights, maybe in high school, I used to defend myself very loudly, although situations were different and way less serious, now I am completely sure that there is another way of dealing with people who want to harm you.
In my case, there was a girl from my job that at the beginning was nice to me. But after our boss started to praise me in front of everyone for my work, the change started, her jealousy rose, she started making up bad things about me and started telling those things to everyone, she played the victim, then she went even further and start calling people that are my good friends, even person I was in love with, she lied at work and set up situations to harm me. I suffered a lot, as all I wanted is to do my work in a proper way, thinking we can be good teammates. She wanted me to look bad in front …

Signs that Marriage is Not for You

If you do not feel bad because you are not yet married, though most of your companions are, and if you are not always in mind when you will finally get that ring, do not worry - you are all right. It's fine, what matters is that you feel good in your skin. Does this all sound familiar to you? Check below what are reliable signs you are not a type of marriage girl.

1. It is difficult for you to restrain your free spirit
Marriage is as happy and full of love, it is also always a little bit of giving up on yourself.
At every moment of compromise and tolerance, people who are reluctant to give up their freedom, not in the sexual, but in the widest sense, marriage can be an inopportune burden and the cause of their constant dissatisfaction.
 2. You are the absolute priority for yourself
There is nothing wrong with this - you always have to work on yourself and improve various aspects of personality, make new business successes, and so on.
If it means you have no time for another person, in t…

Signs That Your Boyfriend is Possessive

A love relationship should involve reciprocity, tolerance and understanding, so that we can truly say that we are happy with a loved one. All other variants in the style of "jealousy is a proof of love" do not really mean love, but the relationship in which we can not be really happy. Being with someone does not mean to belong to someone, and to love and be faithful does not mean that you must stop to be yourself. Does this sound a little confusing to you? If you have had an experience with excessive possessiveness in a love affair, we are sure that you know what we are talking about. And if it seems to you that things are going in that direction, then this is the text that you should definitely read.
Below, find out which are reliable signs that your partner is POSSESSIVE
He can not stand when you are in other people company
Although you may at first just subtly notice that your social side of personality does not really like him and that you prefer to focus on him, this is de…

Relationship with a Married Man

Whatever is your reason to be in this kind of relationship, I am not here to judge you. We all have different lessons to learn.
Unfortunately, not many men will leave their wife and stay with their lover...But there are always exceptions.
I believe that whatever is meant to be it will be...
But if you are suffering and you want a change, and you are tired of waiting. Here are some clues that might help you to make a decision. Signs that he is not ready to leave his wife.


Bad, bad sign. Every time you mention him this word, he gets annoyed, tries to change the topic, sometimes even yell at you like, pretending he is the victim and you are the one putting pressure on him.
Why anyone who actually thinks to have a serious relationship with you would act like this? If love is true, if he thinks that you are the one, his goal would be to divorce, therefore he would never avoid the topic.


Well, it is true that…

How To Get Over Him?

The more we try to forget someone who we still love, the more we torture ourselves, the more we think about them. Don't try to force things, face it and accept it.
Most people advice to delete and block our ex on Facebook and other social media, and you can do that, but I know that won't stop you for stalking them, you will probably make a fake profile just to spy on them and torture yourself. Then what is a point...
Here is what worked best for me
TAKE YOUR TIME TO GRIEVE BUT NOT TO LONG One, two days or a week...:) Cry, watch sad movies, write...That helped me. Don't keep your feelings inside you.

DO NOT RUNAWAY I still love that guy, but there is nothing I can do. Just think how many times someone wanted to be with you but you did not...How many guys you rejected. Were you aware that you are hurting their feelings...Were you thinking about them? You might but you did not care much, and you continued your life...We can't choose who we love, we cannot blame someone for…